Chad Johnson's Daughter Smashes 800m Record for Age Group

Chad Johnson’s Daughter

I’m the Fastest 12-Year-Old Ever

… In Girls 800m Run

7/12/2017 10:40 AM PDT

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Chad Johnson‘s daughter, Cha’iel, straight-up DUSTED the competition in her 800m run Wednesday … where she set a new U.S. record for 12-year-old girls.

It all went down at the AAU Track and Field National Club Championships today … where mini-Ocho crossed the finish line at 2:14:80 — almost 5 full seconds faster than her gold-medal winning Jr. Olympics run last year.

She’s so far ahead … you can barely see any other runners in the video.

Dad couldn’t make it to the race … but he was one proud papa — especially when it came to Cha’iel’s post-finish chest-thumpin’ (probably cause he got flashbacks of his epic TD celebrations). 

Ocho captioned his post: “Savage, won runs 2 laps, breaks their own & the meet record then walks off beating their chest like Denzel in Training Day, apple don’t fall too far from the tree.”

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