Danica Patrick to Ricky Stenhouse Jr. On Marriage: 'I Was Ready Yesterday'

Danica Patrick

to Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

I’m Ready to Get Married!

7/12/2017 11:59 AM PDT


Danica Patrick is more than ready to tie the knot with her racing BF Ricky Stenhouse Jr. — and how do we know? She said it on camera … right in front of him!

The two have been dating for 5 years and when our camera guy asked DP if the rumors of her being engaged were true or just a little joshing around. Ricky answered “Someday, not yet.”

Our guy then (foolishly?) stated the two probably still weren’t quite ready to tie the knot, and that’s when Danica jumped in to set the record straight.

“I was ready yesterday.”

What followed was one of the most awkward hugs in LAX history, and most likely a quiet Uber ride home.

Guess he only moves fast on the track, huh? 

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