DeAndre Jordan: Lamar Odom's One of the Best Teammates Ever

DeAndre Jordan

Lamar Odom’s My Guy

One Of the Best Teammates Ever

7/13/2017 7:13 AM PDT


DeAndre Jordan is riding hard for Lamar Odom — not only reconnecting with the guy, but giving him one of the best compliments you can get in team sports. 

Earlier this week, DJ and Odom hit the L.A. nightclub scene — lookin’ like old times when they played on the Clippers together. 

So, when DJ was leaving the ESPYs on Wednesday night, we asked how Lamar was doing after all he’s gone through over the last few years. 

“That’s my guy,” DeAndre said … “He’s one of the best teammates I ever had.”

Seems just about everyone in the NBA feels that way about Lamar — from Kobe to Metta — and they’ve all offered to help Lamar get his life back together.

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