Denzel Washington — Moustache Meme Trolls Are LOSERS! (VIDEO)

Y’know those Denzel Washington memes about his moustache that you’ve been laughing about — well, Denzel ain’t laughing. At all. In fact, he’s got some strong words for the Internet.

For the first time, Denzel talked about all those images that popped up after he went to the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight sporting a Yosemite Sam handlebar moustache. The Internet had a field day (seriously, Google it) … but when entertainment host Xilla brought it up, Denzel got gangsta.

Check out the clip — Xilla simply asked what he thought about the memes, and DW said, “If I had my wallet I’d show you.” It gets worse after that.

Btw, the real reason for the facial hair — Denzel was filming ‘Magnificent Seven‘ at the time with director Antoine Fuqua … who’s sitting next to him in this clip.

“King Kong ain’t got nuthin’ on me” … definitely comes to mind here. 

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