Jason Momoa Really Is Aquaman, Dives into Ocean to Save Phone

Jason Momoa

I’m Aquaman, For Reals!!!

Watch Me Save My Phone

6/8/2018 10:43 AM PDT

Jason Momoa¬†purposely hurled his phone into the open ocean to prove a point — he’s not just an actor, man … he’s a real-life Aquaman.

Momoa lived up to his superhero alter ego in the water off Honolulu. Looks like he was playing a game of chicken with his phone — tossing it and then flaunting his skills by diving in to retrieve it.

No proof from the pics that he pulled off the rescue, but we’d bet on Jason.¬†

He had been filming reshoots for “Aquaman,” which comes out later this year, but looks like this stunt was pulled during his off time.

After all, Aquaman ain’t rocking board shorts — although, as long as Momoa has got the role, no one would complain.

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