John Leguizamo — I've Got One Word for Trump's Ex-WWE Cabinet Pick (VIDEO)

12/8/2016 7:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Leguizamo had one word locked and loaded to describe Prez-elect Trump’s choice of Linda McMahon for a Cabinet position, and no … it was NOT positive.

Leguizamo’s never been confused for a Donald Trump fan, so his reaction to the ex-WWE exec being named head of Small Business Administration might not be all that shocking.

The actor’s strong insinuation/allegation on his way into Madison Square Garden Wednesday night … was that America’s non-politician President is quickly learning the ropes on being political.

It might be an oversimplified view — proponents would point out McMahon’s business world qualifications — but it’s John’s and he’s standing by it. 

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