Porsha Williams is Coy When Asked About Engagement Rings After Leaving Jewelry Store

Porsha Williams

Me? Looking at Engagement Rings?!

7/6/2018 12:40 AM PDT


Porsha Williams tried playing it coy when our camera guy straight-up wanted to know if she and her BF were shopping for engagement rings … keyword: tried. ‘Cause, all signs pointed to them hunting for a rock.

We got the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star and her boo leaving the Leon Diamond jewelry store in NYC and we had to ask … was she looking at engagement rings? It’s interesting … Porsha’s kept her relationship on the super DL for some time now and only made subtle hints she’s in a relationship.

Just a few days ago, reports surfaced outing Porsha’s new man as Atlanta businessman Dennis McKinley. She’s also been ending her Instagram captions with #DM. And, that’s the same guy we saw her holding hands with as she left the jewelry joint.

Where there’s smoke … 

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