President Trump Owes Back Pay in White House Rent, Lawsuit Claims

President Trump

You’re Late on White House Rent

… 1 Year Costs Ya $240k!

5/10/2018 1:00 AM PDT


President Trump is SUPER late on his White House rent — about a couple hundred grand in the hole, in fact — according to a new lawsuit. Bear with us … okay?

A dude named William Feegba is trying to take Trump to court over an alleged landlord tenant breach — suing the Prez for the 1 full year he’s been staying at the White House, and demanding he fork over $240k in unpaid rent at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. at a rate of $25k/month. You read that right … we couldn’t make sense of the math either.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Feegba claims to be a descendant of George Washington, which he seems to think gives him ownership of the WH. Absurd as it sounds, that’s his story — and he’s been sticking to it since Jimmy Carter‘s days … kinda. 

Feegba started filing retroactive suits just last year against every president since 1977 — and he says everyone from Jimmy to Trump owes him back rent ranging from $12k to $100k. None of the complaints have been successful, btw … and now it’s Donnie’s turn.

Only time will tell if he’ll collect from 45. No word yet on any potential eviction proceedings. 

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