Steve-O Says Corey Lewandowski's Digging His Own Grave Defending 'Womp, Womp'

Steve-O on Corey Lewandowski

He’s Digging His Own Grave!!!

Defending ‘Womp, Womp’

6/23/2018 12:10 AM PDT


Steve-O‘s got a real disdain for Corey Lewandowski but he’s all for giving the guy a platform … cause the guy keeps digging himself into a hole defending his “Womp, womp” comment.

We got Steve-O out in Hollywood on Friday and wanted to get his take on the political pundit’s quip after Zac Petkanas shed light about a disabled immigrant child being separated from her mother.

The snarky comment hit too close to home for Steve-O, who is horrified at the idea children — let alone disabled children — are being ripped apart from their parents who are crossing the southern border.

Check it out … Steve-O says Corey — who still refuses to apologize for mocking the 10-year-old girl — is only making matters worse trying to explain himself. And Steve-O’s loving it.

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