Sylvester Stallone's Wife and Daughter Have Yacht Day in Bikinis

Sly Stallone’s Wife & Daughter

Mommy et Moi Day in France …

Tiny Bikinis Edition!!!

7/10/2018 3:04 PM PDT

Jennifer Flavin and her 21-year-old daughter, Sophia Rose, are a lethal combination … especially in bikinis.

Sly Stallone‘s wife and his eldest daughter slipped into bikinis aboard a fancy yacht sailing off the South of France. This family affair wasn’t just about soaking up the sun and enjoying the views. There was also important business, like … selfies!

It would be pretty easy to mistake Mom for one of Sophia’s 2 sisters … who are also on the trip, btw.

Enjoy the gallery, but before ya fantasize too much, remember … 72-year-old Sly can still kick your ass.

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