Vivica A. Fox Disgusted at Suggestion She Could Play Omarosa in Biopic

Vivica A. Fox

Me? Play Omarosa?!

Oma-Goodness, No!!

8/20/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Vivica A. Fox damn near choked on the word “No” when our camera guy told her she could play Omarosa in a movie, making it crystal clear — not a fan.

We got Vivica A. at LAX where our photog mustered the strength to say she resembles President Trump‘s friend-turned-foe. The idea of playing Omarosa made her recoil. Our bad.

Of course, an Omarosa biopic hinges on how well her tell-all book sells. Vivica says if it flops, O’s gotta ride off into the sunset — on a donkey … ’cause she attached herself to an ass.


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