Vladimir Putin Dominates Russian Hockey Game, 5 Goals!

Vladimir Putin

Dominates Russian Hockey Game

… 5 Goals!

5/10/2018 11:40 AM PDT

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More hockey domination from Russian President Vladimir Putin — who racked up a Ushanka trick during a “Legends of Hockey” game in Sochi on Thursday. 

65-year-old Putin strapped up the skates and full hockey gear for the “Night Hockey League” game — in which Russian hockey greats played some of the top amateurs in the country. 

Putin — wearing his #11 jersey — ended up with 5 goals (and a few assists) in his team’s 12-7 victory. 

It’s not the first time Putin’s taken to the ice — he actually plays a lot … and somehow always end up with a TON of goals. 

In fact, he even won the face-off … shocker, right!? 

Putin is pretty athletic for a world leader — he’s also into martial arts and topless horseback riding

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